The project mellow meadowlands reimagines the way one feels in this messy world through abstract forms and patterns. The way one interacts with their surroundings may differ due to many tangible and non-tangible objects, people and situations. This project is an attempt to interpret the act of “being” and “living” through a body. It also explores the relationship between permanance and temporality.

Everything we see, feel, own and love is flickering, fleeting and could be taken away.

This project was initially inspired by the work Bob Cobbing, who worked with concrete, visual and sound poetry.

Technical Notes

The patterns have been coded using p5.js. This site is to be viewed on larger screens for the intented look. In the future, more features with be added to the editor, which will allow the users to create more complex patterns and compositions.

How to Use

The Editor allows you to creat yor own compositions using different patterns. There is also a fetaure to generate text. Reset the sketch, to get a blank canvas for the same set of images. However, if you refresh the page, you will recieve a new set of images to play around with! The generator is programmed in a way in which, it generates the compositions automatically along with the metadata.